Jos City Music Promotions

JTOWNMUSIC.NET: a work in progress

Jos city is said to be the light house of entertainment in Nigeria and Africa. This is because ‘Jtown’ as it is called in the entertainment industry has produced most of the exceptional talents in music, dance and drama such as Jeremiah Gyang, P-Square, Tuface Idibia, IcePrince Zamani, Desmond Eliot, Saint Obi, MI among many others. We are here because we believe that good music is essential to the industry! We will strive to showcase music as it is in Jos city so that, Promoters, Record Company’s, DJs and fans would easily access the musical wealth pool hidden on the Plateau.

JTOWNMUSIC.NET: what is it?”
JTownmusic.net seek to showcase the vast majority of music available in Jos to the world as well as to helps our people make the most of an online community that is passionate and opinionated about music; Ultimately Jos Music. You know how a great song or video inspires you to share it…learn more about it…find more like it? Jtownmusic.net is a catalyst for connection – collaboration -inspiration through music.

JTOWNMUSIC.NET: a vast resource
While we can boast about having authentic content of music and videos from Jos city, we are by no means complete. Our site is a work in progress — a sort of collective effort. If you stumble upon something missing or lacking, we welcome your contributions. Or, if you know something we don’t, please share it with us and everyone else. Ultimately, JTownmusic.net is a reflection of you and the collective passion and knowledge of our users.

Information is the most valuable product on our today’s world, with so much competition in the industry world wide. As a result only a few people’s ideas, ideology and opinion are heard, but with the future entertainment the reverse is the case as we provide equal opportunity for all to be heard… a brief description of our services include but not limited to the following

We acts as manager(s) thus; we become the mouthpiece of our client(s) and become their greatest ally. Our job is making sure that everyone who is involved in the career of our client(s) is doing their job. We work hard to grow, develop, and promote our client(s) successes. This we have done with success in the past with artist such as Jeremiah Gyang, MistaSeth, and companies like Innocentminds international etc

It’s one thing to make good music; it’s another thing to get it out there to the ears of those persons who have need for it, so they can take it and use it. We have what it takes to take your music and get it out there. Like abc… we shall showcase your music to your fans and make it readily available for purchase in over 50 (fifty) online stores including itunes, cdbaby, amazon music etc

To get your music posted on this website, email it to music@jtownmusic.net.