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Bring Down The Glory II Lyrics by Panam Percy Paul
Lord we are sorry We’ve turned around and gone astray Your trust for us we have betrayed Your power we don’t recognize Your Lordship we have all despise We cannot pretend We all now repent Forgive us Lord we pray Bring down Your Glory… Bring down Your Glory…... Read more
PRAISE HIM tf. Morgan Azi Song Lyrics by Max Wuyah
Max Intro: Hey come let’s praise the Lord Lift your hands and praise the Lord Morgan Intro: This is a holy party Everybody come so we sing him praises yeah Dance and forget your worries Cos in Jah-Jah presence a different story yeah Max: Got tears in my eyes... Read more
LETTING GO Song Lyrics by Storm Taddy
LETTING GO by Storm Taddy ft. Featuring: Wordsmith Produced By: Kidin Morgan CHORUS I’m letting go of the pains I’m letting go of the hurts My flesh wants revenge but I’m telling it no I forgive all the things you have done And I’ll never leave you alone I’ll be... Read more
I Am Grateful Song Lyrics by Jeremiah Gyang
Words, melody, production by Jeremiah Gyang for the root of the tree for the shining sun for the falling rain for the crawling worm I just wanna thank you Lord for EVERYTHING you’ve done my words will never be enough to show the gratitude I have Halleluyah You’ve been... Read more
Surrender Song Lyrics by Max Wuyah
VERSE I don’t get me these days My steps are slipping off this path The more i try to get back The higher the pressure is on me Just when I made that promise I find a million ways to break it I thought when we got back together... Read more
Ladi’s Song Lyrics by Jeremiah Gyang
LADI’S SONG words, melody and music by Jeremiah Gyang (Intro) Na dawo (I’m back) O na dawo Ku je ku sanar (Go and announce it) O na dawo Na dawo Ku je ku sanar (S/O) I’m on my spiritual matter Jeremiah Gyang Show me the money Africa’s Dream Sounds (Daps) Yan... Read more